What A Lovely Name is our website for helping you find the perfect name for your baby. You can browse by tradition, or personality trait, or even check out what celebrities are naming their children (these can be names to choose or to avoid as you see fit).

Once you’ve found some names you like you can share them with friends. You can even create custom logos for each name you like and order products featuring the baby’s name and logo as gifts. (You can also order merchandise with your name on it. It’s not just for babies!)

Whether you are researching names for your upcoming newborn, or ordering personalized mugs we hope you enjoy What a Lovely Name.

This site was created by the folks at Jackson Fish Market. If you would like to inquire about sponsoring the site, please get in touch with them.

We’re always working to improve the site including adding more names, creating new features, and adding new products for you to customize. You can help us sending in your suggestions, feedback, comments, and criticisms. Send us mail when you want to let us know something. And be sure to drop us a line if you end up successfully finding a name for your baby on our site. That would be cool!


The Onomatologists of What a Lovely Name